Share tips! Beginners must read!


Share money presentation

1.Share your money and make money with someone else's money!

The share of money, is inviting friends to participate in Indiana, directly from the commission he tesco!

No cost, no risk, high returns! Just CITIC Tesco mall recommended to friends, let them participate in one yuan Tesco activities, making money is so simple!

2.Three tier commission system, high returns!

Your direct invitation to friends, you are a user, you can draw his Indiana 5% Commission; for example, he spent 100 yuan, you can draw 5 blocks, he spent 1000, you can draw 50 blocks! No ceiling, permanent effect!

Your friends invited friends, is your two user, you can draw 2% of his Indiana Commission, three users of 1%, a total of up to 8%! Also, commission can be made directly! Not vouchers! It's not an exchange certificate! Not virtual currency! Yes, it can be transferred into your pocket! Cash! Cash!

3.Specific ways to share money

1. commission to the account may be a slight delay in the system, generally within 24 hours to query;

2. commission to cash at least 100 yuan each time, can be transferred to the bank account or Alipay account balance; also can be directly transferred to the Amoy wave mall account, 1 yuan;

3., users share the link with an exclusive number code, the system will automatically identify; only through the link for the first time into the CITIC Tesco mall users will be included in the team;

4., users can share in the "make money" menu to see their team personnel, commission details and other details.

5. if you have any questions, you can always consult the online customer service 0592-2523966.