CITIC Tesco Tesco handbook! Beginners must read!


Tesco rules

1, each item is divided into the corresponding reference market price "equal", 1 yuan each, 1 copies of the corresponding 1 Indiana code.

2, the same item can buy many times or buy multiple copies at a time.

3, when a commodity sold after all "equal" calculated "lucky Indiana code", have "lucky Amoy wave Indiana code can obtain the goods.

Tesco process

1, select goods

According to user preferences cloud purchase, purchase, direct purchase of three types of gameplay in any kind of commodity, the classification of goods into the page, click "choose love goods, immediately a Tesco" or "buy now", enter the shopping cart checkout page.

2, online payment

Through online WeChat payment or UnionPay payment, pay 1 yuan, that is, the purchase of 1 people (excluding direct purchase goods), access to 1 "lucky Tesco" code". The more you pay, the more likely you are to get the goods in the Tesco process.

3, announced Tesco winner

When users participate in Tesco commodity full set of required people, accounting system is Tesco Tesco Tesco commodity code, lucky uniform code obtained when Tesco announced more than lucky users participate in Tesco code when the user gets the goods.


1) after the commodity is announced, you may log on the "personal center" to inquire about the details, and the users who have not received the goods will not receive SMS or e-mail notification.

2) after the goods are announced, please log on to the "personal center" in time, so that we can improve our personal data so that we can deliver the goods accurately.

3) no refund has been made on all merchandise already announced.

Tesco lucky number calculation rule

1, the goods last Indiana code after the distribution, the last 100 in the time before the public allocation of time all goods station;

2. Sum up the values of these 100 times (each time, in minutes, minutes, seconds, milliseconds), such as 20:15:25.362, 201525362;

3, the 100 groups of numerical and divided by the total commodity to participate in people after the remainder remainder plus 10000001 is "lucky Indiana code".

4, we guarantee a fair, fair and open calculation of 100%!