1, the establishment and maintenance of enterprise image system

2, responsible for the company's daily publicity, planning, design, production;

3, responsible for the head office and each branch company advertising graphic design, production and other graphic processing; enterprise publicity material design, production and innovation.

4. Assist other departments in the accomplishment of design and aesthetics;

5. Responsible for the daily maintenance of the head office website. Assist web designers to grasp the company's website style, tone collocation, layout rationality, picture arrangement, enterprise logo processing and so on;

6, the company's other PC and MAC design documents use, modify, digital photography processing, company marketing activities, promotional materials coordination;

7, communicate with the cooperation parties to ensure the quality of all types of plane projects are extremely timely, successful acceptance.

8, the use of their own industry background and knowledge, in the design and production of effective control costs.

The company operates a 5 day work system.

After becoming a full member, according to the labor law for the relevant medical insurance, and enjoy related benefits, allowances and so on.