Accounting cashier


1, responsible for the formulation of the company's administrative system, so that the company's management work standardization.

2, responsible for the implementation of the company's system and supervision.

3, formulate the standard document of the contract and standardize the management of all current contracts.

4. Responsible for the administration of the office area.

5, responsible for the day-to-day management of behavior, and the corresponding reward.

6 、 responsible for daily reception of the company.

7, responsible for the company's customers, agents of the reception arrangements for customers and agents accommodation arrangements.

8, for branch clients account opening, entry and exit matters.

9. Responsible for the registration, annual inspection and cancellation of the head office, branch office and other wholly owned subsidiaries.

10, for new staff entry procedures, arrangements for new employees induction training, probation staff and matters related to the health insurance management.

11. Evaluate the performance of staff in the Department, and feedback the results to staff timely and help them to work better.

12. Develop staff, supervisor training plan and development plan.

13. Responsible for the arrangement of the weekly meeting, arrange and supervise the work of each department.

14, responsible for dealing with some unexpected incidents and other matters assigned by the general manager.

The company operates a 5 day work system.

After becoming a full member, according to the labor law for the relevant medical insurance, and enjoy related benefits, allowances and so on.