Fujian Provincial Department of culture launched art boutique planning demonstration "spark tea party" new mechanism


To implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping on the creation of outstanding literary works worthy of the times's speech, in accordance with the provincial government to build the Fujian culture brand, expand the cultural impact of deployment, to further strengthen the province's stage works of art creation, introduce more ideological, artistic, ornamental and taste, with Fujian style, Fujian characteristics of the stage art. The thought is profound, exquisite art, exquisite art peak hard climbing, the Provincial Department of culture to create art planning demonstration "spark tea" mechanism, efforts to promote the creation of fine art development.

"Spark" is thought the collision sparks, tostimulateartisticinspiration; "tea party" is A hedge between keeps friendship green., concentrated in the tea, the tea party, is a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to mobilize the collective wisdom, surging thoughts storm, focus on the fine art collection inside and outside the province of outstanding literary experts and literary management, screenplay topic and the new dance creation process, great art activities, excellent repertoire comments and other aspects of special discussion, the new mechanism benefit by mutual discussion, a lively and vivid, effective, creative planning, polished boutique research and demonstration, the artistic creation and management mechanism to innovation and development, in order to cultivate more excellent works of drama.

"Spark tea" mechanism to build a cultural planning platform, art creators and managers, was invited to participate in the well-known experts and scholars together, through the form of tea, face a full discussion, the collision of artistic creation ideas, promote the creation of fine art benefit by mutual discussion, pragmatic development, to achieve the following purpose:

First, planning and planning. The province around the creation of fine art, from the topic, the outline of the script to the creation of the idea, from the script to the two creation of the whole, after a collision of ideas from us, plan to further research, planning style, enhance the Polish style;

Two is the discussion. It is necessary to carry out in-depth discussions on specific repertoire, to study the macro creation theory problems, especially with some of the art creation of the present situation and development trend of the topic, the core elements of ideas, a good grasp of the creative, forward-looking vision, to clarify the future of our province art direction and thinking;

The three is the Pingju theatre. To carry out a wide range of activities in the home theater Pingju art troupes, intermediate advocate, specific analysis plays advantages, pointing out its shortcomings, make full use of creative experience and practices, others take up, to broaden their horizons, improve the level of;

The four is the debate and enlightenment. The new play comments in the ideological conception, plot framework, relationship between characters, characters and styles, deeply interpret drama thought connotation, targeted toward good script creation in the light of its general trend.

"Spark tea party" focuses on a topic each time and will be held periodically. The first, second, third "spark tea party" was held in the afternoon of December 30, 2016 and the afternoon of January 10, 2017 and the evening of February 14, 2017 respectively, and achieved better results. The first key planning demonstration "sea" basic ballet creative, second common discussion Gaojia opera "sister a Da" "Tataocheng", third "around the ballet Sihai dream hunt" processing to enhance discussion. In order to facilitate the participation of experts from Beijing, the fourth phase of the "spark tea party" was held in Beijing. The focus was on how to further improve the processing and enhance the drama "Tai Cheng Cheng".

"Spark tea" is also the provincial cultural departments give full play to the role of experts, a new channel to mobilize the experts actively for the cultural construction of our province with greater strength, is also a platform for the exchange of information, to carry out extensive exchanges at the tea party through this platform to make at home and abroad, both inside and outside the province all kinds of art of dynamic information and the country's cultural policies, the creation plan etc..