The "butterfly fan" National Art Fund project supported by rolling


Recently, the national endowment for the Arts in 2017 large stage and rolling works published the evaluation result supported by the provincial experimental theatre rehearsal opera "double fan" and drama "Fayuan Temple of Beijing", "Yu Chenglong", "Jin Ju Xi Ju 33", "Sichuan", the National Ballet of Crested Ibis "dust settled", cross-border integration works "the songs of the ever-changing world", "opera", "Baba moon sparks of fire training," the National Ballet "home" and other 10 programs was elected to the 2017 annual large-scale theatrical works and rolling funded projects, the 10 was supported by the rolling works is from the National 155 drama has been funded. Optimization and screening out the approval rate was 6.5%.

The "double fan" tells the girls, Lin Mengqing scholar Chen Zilin and local squire Wu Yushan three love imbroglio story, embodies the aesthetic spirit of Chinese opera, elegant, exquisite classical aesthetic. The drama series created in 2015, early 2016 debut, won the two prize, first prize and Drama Festival productions in Fujian province the sixth Art Festival and the twenty-sixth province drama festival music design prize two, stage design award and other awards. Next, my office will focus on "grasping quality, climb the peak" working target, continue to follow the leadership of the province, speeding up the stage art works and opera heritage and promote the protection project, focus on coordination organization experts gathered to obtain funding repertoire of trimaran, rolling workshops, support further processing and modification to improve the repertoire.