Social responsibility

1., assume the "good faith", to ensure that products are genuine responsibility

Lack of credit caused due to various reasons is destroying the normal operation of the socialist market economy, the enterprise is not trustworthy, caused by counterfeit goods readily visible, so consumers and the welfare losses caused by the year in 2500 - 270 billion yuan, the proportion of GDP 3-3.5%. Many enterprises because of commodity fraud interference and counterfeiting too difficult, leading to enterprises unsustainable, precarious. In order to maintain the order of the market and protect the interests of the masses, enterprises must shoulder the social responsibility of showing sincerity and ensuring the products to be out of the ordinary.

2., bear the responsibility for scientific development and tax payment

The task of an enterprise is to develop and profit, and to shoulder the task of increasing tax revenue and developing the country. The enterprise must assume responsibility for the development, improve economic development, with development as the center, take development as the premise, continue to expand the scale of enterprises, expand the tax share, to complete the task of tax, make greater contribution to the national development. But the concept of development must be scientific, any enterprise is not only the immediate, regardless of long-term, not only local, regardless of the overall situation, not only their own, regardless of the neighbor. Therefore, no matter which enterprise, we should attach great importance to the development of the "five overall plan" under the guidance of Scientific Outlook on Development.

3. responsible for sustainable development and resource conservation

China is a country with a particular shortage of per capita resources, and the development of enterprises must be adapted to the conservation of resources. The enterprise can not care for this and lose that regardless of the overall situation. As an entrepreneur, we must stand on the overall situation, adhere to sustainable development, and pay great attention to conservation of resources. And we must make up our minds to change the mode of economic growth, develop circular economy and adjust the industrial structure. In particular, in response to the call of the Central Committee, the implementation of "going out" strategy, good use of two kinds of resources and two markets, in order to ensure the safety of economic operation. In this way, our development will continue and the goal of quadrupling the GNP will be achieved.

4. undertake the responsibility of protecting the environment and maintaining the harmony of nature

Along with the global and our country's economic development, the environment is worsening day by day, especially the atmosphere, the water, the marine pollution are day by day serious. The survival of wildlife is facing a crisis, and the over exploitation of forests and minerals has posed a great threat to the survival and development of mankind, and environmental problems have become the bottleneck of economic development. For the survival of mankind and the sustained development of economy, enterprises must shoulder the important task of protecting environment and maintaining natural harmony.

5. undertake the responsibility of public goods and cultural construction

Health care, public education and cultural development are of vital importance to the development of a country. Public education, in particular, plays an important role in the removal of poverty and prosperity in a country. Medical and health work not only affects the health of the whole nation, but also affects the supply of social labor resources. Cultural construction can cultivate people's sentiment and improve their quality through leisure and recreation. Our country, as a result of less investment in these areas in the previous period, has more debts and serious problems. Public products and cultural cause of it is the responsibility of the state, but in the country on these aspects of the construction difficulties, lack of financial resources under the condition that the enterprises should spare some money and energy to assume the development of medical health education and cultural construction, left the responsibility.

6., shoulder the responsibility of helping the poor, helping the poor and developing the charity

Although our economy has made great progress, there are still many difficulties as a big country with a population of 1 billion 300 million. In particular, the difficulties in rural areas are even more onerous, and some poor people need to help the poor and help them cope with poverty. The responsibility is the need for the government to work, but also the needs of enterprises for the country share, participate in social relief. For the development of society, but also for the development of enterprises themselves, our vast enterprises should pay more attention to poverty alleviation, and better undertake the responsibility of poverty alleviation and economic hardship.

7. undertake the responsibility of protecting workers' health and ensuring the treatment of employees

Human resource is the precious wealth of society and the support force of enterprise development. It is not only related to the sustained and healthy development of enterprises, but also related to the development and stability of the society, to ensure the life, health and the work and income of the workers and staff members. In order to cope with the international standards of corporate social responsibility, in order to make the Central Committee on the "people-oriented" and the goal of building a harmonious society carried out, our enterprises must assume the life, health and ensure the responsibility of protecting the salary. As an enterprise, it is necessary to make sure that workers who respect and abide by the law, take good care of their employees, do a good job of labor protection, and constantly raise the level of workers' wages and ensure timely payment. Enterprises should communicate more with employees, more for employees.

8., bear the responsibility for developing science and technology and creating independent intellectual property rights

At present, as far as the general situation is concerned, the economic efficiency of our enterprises is poor, and the input-output rate of resources is also very low. In order to solve the problem of low efficiency, we must pay attention to scientific and technological innovation. Through scientific and technological innovation, the consumption of coal, electricity, oil and transportation will be reduced, and the efficiency of enterprises will be further improved. Since the reform and opening to the outside world, in order to change the backward state of technology as soon as possible, we have adopted the doctrine of "bringing", which has made economic development a shortcut. But to this day, our imports are still getting bigger and bigger and more and more serious. Many factories have almost become fairs for foreign production lines, while the digestion and absorption of imported technologies have not attracted much attention. Therefore, enterprises should attach great importance to the introduction of technology for digestion and absorption and scientific and technological research and development, and increase funds and personnel