corporate culture

    The enterprise culture is the value concept and behavior norm that the enterprise has formed in the long-term management practice and is generally approved and shared by the staff. It permeates all aspects of enterprise management, reflected in the staff's thinking and behavior, and guide the development of enterprises.

    Shaping the corporate culture through values, the advanced ideas and business philosophy into the enterprise development strategy, it takes the person's overall development as the core, with the shared vision to guide enterprises, with flexible management mode for new features, the majority of people together, the greatest degree to mobilize the staff's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, to form the competitive advantage of enterprises, make enterprises keep everlasting.

    CITIC Chinese Jinchuang group is an important window opening to the outside world, CITIC Jinchuang group corporate culture is accompanied by the country's reform and opening up and modernization, has nurtured and enriched and developed in the development of the cause of citic. CITIC Jinchuang group enterprise culture embodies the party and state leaders of the concern and hope, is formed in the cause of a founder of CITIC fostered the. The chairman advocated 32 words CITIC style vigorously carry forward in the development of a career in CITIC, CITIC gold has become a common code of conduct of people. CITIC Jinchuang group successive leaders of enterprise culture have many important expositions, and constantly enrich the connotation of CITIC Jinchuang group corporate culture. A CITIC Group's corporate culture is the intangible assets and the most precious spiritual wealth of the CITIC group.

    With the development of economic globalization, to CITIC Jinchuang group in a broader and deeper participation in domestic and international market competition, to achieve sound and rapid development of their own, must further carry forward through CITIC goldact culture, enhance group cohesion, execution and creativity, play the comprehensive advantages and overall synergies, laid the ideological and cultural foundation in common as a cause of the sustained and healthy development of citic.