About us

CITIC Jinchuang group in accordance with national laws and regulations and policies, based on upholding innovation, through the absorption and utilization of foreign capital, the introduction of advanced technology and the mode of operation and management methods are scientific and efficient, fully follow the rules of market economy under the principle of the group in many business areas are very fruitful exploration. Under the premise of continuously achieving better economic benefits, we should pay attention to the construction of social benefits of enterprises. Through the construction of excellent corporate culture, the group has established a good reputation at home and abroad.

CITIC Jinchuang group has developed into a large-scale enterprise groups. At present, its subsidiary company (Sales Department) 57. In Hongkong, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian regions have set up representative offices. The gold CITIC Shenzhen company is a wholly state-owned company.

CITIC Jinchuang group business mainly concentrated in the high-tech industry and other service areas, jewelry, precious metals, spot and investment group is a wholly owned subsidiary of CITIC gold (Xiamen) Investment Limited company of the characteristics of business, Xiamen Company is also the executive director of the unit Chinese Gold Association, the guiding ideology in the pursuit of scientific and technological progress, the Xiamen Company has products and the brand system of a series of independent intellectual property rights, is the precious metals industry in the western area of key enterprises.

CITIC in Jinchuang group innovation and make more contributions "under the guidance of the idea, adhere to the contribution of national and social service purposes, to establish and perfect self-discipline mechanism, at the national macro-control under the guidance, and actively carry out international cooperation and exchanges, promote foreign economic and technological cooperation, cultivating the national brand, make a contribution to the country the cause of reform and opening up!